Meredith D.

Teacher in West Africa

"While living in West Africa, I consulted Rose by phone for help with migraines that had suddenly increased in severity and frequency tenfold after a significant life event (and physicians were unable to help except with symptomatic relief). Rose gave me nutritional guidelines and essential oil protocols to follow daily. Within weeks, the debilitating migraines diminished to a manageable level. Rose engaged with me on emotional, spiritual and physical issues and showed deep interest and concern for my well-being. She helped me regain health and balance, changes that have lasted now for several months. Rose was available to answer my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. I can confidently recommend Rose as a nutritional and health consultant!"

Judith D.

PhD Professor in NYC

"When I first met Rose Green over 20 years ago she was a very diligent and conscientious nutrition professor and educator. She loved her job and loved her clients. So when she decided to deepen her nutrition practice I knew her patients were in for a treat. The word got back to me how good she was identifying the causes of health issues when physicians failed to do so. So when I needed help with my health issues, I knew just where to look when I experienced debilitating pains. After exhaustive consultations with medical professionals, I sought help from Rose. She prescribed vitamin treatments which provided the relief that I needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in dire need of relief from health challenges."

Kristine N.

Professional Chef in New Jersey

"Rose is a wonderfully knowledgeable person who has educated me immensely on issues of natural health. I continue to work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate, intelligent and innovative naturopathic nutritionist."